Proellixe machine

Powerplate machine

My Research

The first Whole Body Vibration machine I tried was a Proellixe machine at the salon in town about 40 minutes from my home. It’s right across the street from my vets office. One day when I was picking up Pants after he got into a terrible fight with another cat from down the street, I walked into the salon to try the machine. The machine felt pretty good. I started to go there pretty regularly. I noticed some improvement by losing an inch on my waist line after just a few sessions. It just wasn’t very practical for me to go there regularly, but I sure liked the way I felt afterwards. This got me really excited about whole body vibration. I asked the spa how much it would cost to purchase this Proellixe machine and when they told me it was over $10,000 I almost had a heart attack. There was no way I could afford to pay that kind of money, and I didn’t want to keep paying $10 every time I went there for a drop in fee. There must be machines out there that were good, for less than $10,000.

I started doing research on the internet and there were so many vendors to choose from that I was almost overwhelmed. I wasn’t happy with the little info I found the first day in my research so decided that I will investigate these machines and the companies that sell them, and investigate them thoroughly. That’s one of the things that George has always said about me, is that once I set my mind at something I will research it and research it till I find the best deal in town on it. I have never liked it when I buy something only to find someone later with a better product and cheaper price. It really irritates me.

The first machines I really investigated were from the Power Plate company ( brand of whole body vibration, these guys seem pretty big and they seem to be used by a lot of professional football and basketball players. I discovered that their type of movement was inappropriate for my needs. I was looking for a machine that would help me with weight loss and improving my bone density. The Power Plate machine is a Triplanar type of machine that is really geared towards someone who is already an athlete and wants to increase their strength. That’s definitely not me. I just want to have more energy, lose a few pounds and make it through the whole day on my feet.

I found several companies that I spoke to who were either too sleazy or outright lied about what their product could do, so I avoided these companies (I talk more about those companies in “Buyer Alert” section of my website). Some of these guys told me that their machine would cure diabetes, and even cure cancer. These guys are too much. When I phoned some of these “companies” it seemed like I was calling somebody’s pager or cell phone, and they could never talk right now and they would call me back in a minute. Its like I interrupted them at their day job and they would go out for a smoke and call me back. They all wanted me to take a machine for a trial. They all offered me lifetime warranties. One of these machines was only $300. Another was $399. Something just didn’t seem right about these guys. My parents always told me that if a deal seems like too much of a deal it is no deal at all. I live by those words, they have done me well in the past.

T-zone VT-15 machine

Next I ordered a T Zone vibration machine, named the VT-15 model from a vendor in town who told me that this machine was as good if not better than machines that were worth $10,000. I tried setting up the VT-15 in my home. What a nightmare. The screw holes did not line up. The machine could not be properly leveled. This machine definitely did not appear to me to be as nice as the Proellixe machine, but it was a lot cheaper. My biggest fear with the T Zone machine was that if it was this poorly made on the outside, what about the inside? I wondered how poorly the components were inside the T zone machine. I don’t want to spend my money on something that’s only going to last for a few months. So I decided to return it and keep looking for the ultimate machine. When I tried calling the T zone rep the line kept ringing. I tried for three days to get a hold of the T zone rep and it was like he was avoiding me. Finally, JJ, Pants and I went for a drive back to the mall. I lugged the machine back down to the aisle space where the T zone guy was and said I want my money back. The T zone guy made me feel like it was my fault and that I was too stupid to set the machine up properly. He didn’t say it in those words, but that is what he meant with way he was speaking to me. He said that I should take it back home and get my husband to put it together for me! The nerve of the guy! I just wanted to scream. I didn’t bother to inform him that I could take apart and rebuild our 273 New Hollander baler

The Old Hollander
in less than one hour by myself. Without the help of a man! Finally, he refunded my money when I threatened to call my credit card company and I started to make a scene in front of some other potential customers at his booth. That was one experience that I did not want to happen to anyone else. It was degrading and humiliating. I don’t understand why these guys have such a bad attitude about refunding my money, when they said I could return it if I wasn’t happy. Well I wasn’t happy, and yes I did want my money back.

Next I went back to the internet and researched a company who claims that high G Force is the only factor one should consider. This company created a self-made Buyer’s Guide that “helps” you choose the right machine that is best for you. Of course after going through the guide the “impartial” buyers guide leads you to buy their machine. It really looks so fake and you can tell that they stacked their buyers guide to narrow the selection down to their machine. Even though I didn’t like being manipulated like that, I decided to try their machine. The machine was going too fast for me and I felt quite queasy after using it. I had previously written a more comprehensive review about this high G Force machine but have since removed the review because the company threatened to sue me.

JJ and Pants

I decided to do some more research about the speed that a whole body vibration machine should be moving at. I really felt a big difference between the machines I tried so far and I wondered if I should be using a fast machine or a slower machine. I discovered a kindred spirit in a man name Peter ( Peter had also done a lot of research on whole body vibration machines. He had mentioned that some companies actually make their machines much faster than they should be and they do this for marketing purposes. That kind of made sense to me, thinking about that machine I tried. Maybe that’s why it felt too powerful. Peter had suggested that I take a look at Vibra Pro and I found an online store, called Slim Vibes that sells their equipment. When I spoke with one of the sales people, they asked me some questions about my intended usage for the machine, and then suggested I try the Vibra Pro 5500.

Vibra Pro 5500 whole body vibration
Vibra Pro 5500 machine

A few days later I received and tried the Vibra Pro 5500 machine and the oscillation was very smooth with no jerky change, much better feeling than the high G Force machine I had tried. The comparison would be like jogging on grass or on a running track versus running on hard pavement. Now after about 3 months of using the Vibra Pro machine I feel a thousand times better. I have lost about 6 inches off my waistline. I am sleeping better. I feel much more energetic. My libido has increased, George likes that! I am so happy that I found the best machine and I hope that others will benefit from my experience. Jackie and her sister have bought the same unit as me. They are both very happy with their machines. Jackie actually bought another Vibra Pro 5500 just last week for her mother. If you need any comments on any of the machines that I have tried, feel free to email me at and I will do my best to get back to you. I am living pain free and healthy in Kansas.