In my research, I met a few companies that appeared quite sleazy to me and I wanted to point them out.

1. Noblerex K1 Whole Body Vibration machine. I looked into purchasing this machine but then after further research I believe this company has a Multi Level Marketing selling scheme. Personally, I do not like getting involved in Multi Level Marketing. This is a type of business where distributors make money by recruiting other distributors and the products are secondary.

2. VibraSlim. This company is also known as Europlate Vibration. I did not like dealing with them. Something seems funny about this company. They list a lot of distribution centers around the world but not all of them have real offices and all the toll free numbers lead back to the same place. That just seems really fishy to me. My cousin called and said she wanted to pick up a machine at their local warehouse to save money they were reluctant to let her do that. Finally they agreed that she could go by their warehouse. When she got to the warehouse it was in a sleazy part of town in an unmarked building that had two guys repackaging some products from China. She saw that the new boxes were marked Vibraslim and felt very uncomfortable so she made a hasty exit without saying anything else.

3. VibraTrim. I saw a lot of their machines on the website and on ebay. On their website they want almost $2000, yet on ebay the same machines are only around $350. That doesn’t make sense to me. Peter had told me about the dangers of using uncalibrated machines and I fear that these are that type of machine. The last thing I want to do is use a machine that will actually hurt me more than it helps.