The latest update on my machine experiences

I recently read a review of the Genesis machine on the vibration website that made me very curious about the machine. I emailed Peter the vibration professor and he explained to me the marvels behind this machine and he suggested that it may be a better machine than the Vibrapro 5500 that I currently use as this will be more effective for things like building my bones and this machine actually burns more fat quicker than the 5500. I am very skeptical as this new machine is pretty expensive and I really do like my current machine. I find the motion so smooth, that I am not sure I want to give it up. Peter says that the Genesis will actually do more for me in less time with far less chance of damaging any joints. Sounds good to me. I phoned the slimvibes company and they said that I can do a one week trial on the machine and that way if I do like the new machine, I can maybe sell my old one to a friend or something. But that $3500 price tag is pretty high in my opinion. Maybe some of you are reading this and thinking that’s not a great deal of money, well to me it is. I know my husband does pretty well, but I’ve always liked to be independent, so I don’t want to spend money just because we have it. We talked about this for several days and George insists that I should not look at the price of something when considering my health and happiness. He says that’s the most common health mistake he has seen over the years, people put money before their own health. He makes sense really, that’s one of the things I love about him. Besides if I change my mind later I can still send the new machine back, even if it is better than my 5500 machine. No more procrastinating, I thought… I’m doing it!

Well, I ordered the new genesis machine on Monday morning and it arrived here yesterday, that’s only 4 days, so that’s good. It arrived in 2 boxes and I have to tell you this thing is heavy. Peter says that the extra weight actually transfers more energy to the user than compared to a lighter weight machine and I guess that makes sense, but I mean this thing is heavy. Vibra Pro Genesis - Whole Body Vibration Machine George put it together for me in the rec room right beside my 5500 so I can compare them side by side. The new machine came with a little bag of tools that he used for assembling the machine. I only have a week to decide if I want to keep this machine or keep my 5500.

I’ve been using the new genesis machine for 5 days now and this thing is great! At first I was concerned that my 5500 was smoother, but this machine is also just as smooth, but it feels more powerful or it feels like it has more energy. I can’t quite describe exactly what it is but it does feel like it is stronger. Not in a bad way, but in a good way. George has tried the new machine also and he really likes the feeling of it. He said to me that we have to get rid of one or the other as he doesn’t want 2 of these machines in the house, and I agree.

Well it’s been 3 weeks now since I received the genesis machine and I tell you I love this even more than my 5500 machine. I have decided to keep the new machine. My friend Nichelle is going to buy my old 5500 from me. She has used it many times in my home so she is quite used to it and was thinking about buying one anyways, so I suggested that (well actually George had suggested it) she buy mine. I don’t like selling used things to friends because they always feel like if they have a problem with it they can complain to me about it. Nee and I talked about that over coffee the other day and we worked out a fair price for it. George is going to take it to her tomorrow. I’ll keep everyone updated on my new genesis machine in the coming weeks. George has been using lately too so I don’t feel as bad as I did before that I was the only one using it. He tells me that he really likes it much more than the 5500 for the same reasons as me, it feels more powerful and it just seems so much more professional. Personally I have been using the L motor a fair bit in the last week or so and apparently this type of motion is very effective for making my bones stronger and I guess that’s its good for me to think about this type of thing as I am getting older and for women my age osteoporosis can be a big problem.