I wanted to make a simple to understand chart that would compare one machine to the other, but its hard to find similar categories for a lot of these machines. I know there are more machines than just these 9 but I wanted to just write about the ones I researched. I wanted to keep this as fair as possible. Some of the information I just could not find easily and so I went with information that I read on other websites. I have made a links page to all the sites that I have on my favorites list as these are where I did most of my research. Please note that I only had some of these machines actually in my home, the other machines were rated from input from other people I had spoken to.

Once you read through the buyers guide, you may decide that my input was helpful, but you may still want to buy a different brand than I did. That’s fine, please don’t feel like you have to buy what I bought. I bought what I did, because it was the best machine for me, for what I wanted, what I was looking for, how it felt to me and what I could afford. If I could afford to spend whatever I wanted on a machine, maybe my choice would have been different. Maybe I would have still made the same choice, why throw away good money just because you have it…right?

Vibration Exercise Machines - Comparison Table

Model Price Style Power Easy to Build Build Quality Customer Service Comments Rating
Vibra Pro Genesis $2,495 mulit motion smooth 10 minutes high very good multi motion great for targeting benefits Pplate Pro 7 rating
Vibra Pro 5500 $1,599 oscillating smooth 5 minutes high very good good but discontinued Vibra Pro 5500 rating
Proellixe $8,900 oscillating smooth 30 minutes high hard to contact rep way overpriced Proellx rating
Power Plate MY5 $4,795 triplanar too strong n/a high very good too powerful/rough T-zone rating
Hypervibe GI4 $3,397 oscillating strong 10 minutes good average overated single motion machine with alot of marketing hype Noblerx rating
Tzone VT20A $2,399 oscillating medium 45 minutes low worst sleazy sales Vibraslim rating
Vibratrim $1,799 oscillating medium 45 minutes low good imitation machine Vibratrim rating