Marjie Baker Welcome to my website.

My name is Marjorie Baker I am a retired nurse, I am 53 years old with a blended family. I love to work on our 40 acre farm with my common law hubby George and our 2 kids. I also have 3 beautiful cats named JJ, Pants, and Oreo. First of all I want to say that my George (a retired doctor) has been greatly supportive and informative in my quest to stay in shape and to shed a few pounds. These goals seem to be harder to achieve as I age. George is also encouraging me to be more aware of my family issues with osteoporosis and how that may be a concern for me. My plan is to be more pro-active with my health.

About two years ago, I started to feel very sore and achy when I was tending to chores around the farm, sometimes not being able to do the things that I must every day, and I wanted to do something about it. I was feeling old and tired far too often. When I went to see my personal doctor she said that, as I was getting older, I should look at working out at the gym. I am not the gym type of person. My husband had done some research on whole body vibration for some of his patients years ago and suggested that perhaps I should look into trying one of these machines.

The latest update on my machine experiences:

I recently read a review of the Genesis machine on the vibration website that made me very curious about the machine. I emailed Peter the vibration professor and he explained to me the marvels behind this machine and he suggested that it may be a better machine than the Vibrapro 5500 that I currently use as this will be more effective for things like building my bones and this machine actually burns more fat quicker than the 5500. I am very skeptical as this new machine is pretty expensive and I really do like my current machine. READ MORE...

I spent a lot of time trying different machines, visiting chat rooms, talking to different vendors, and actually ordering and returning some machines before I finally settled on a machine that I was willing to purchase and use in my home. In that time with all the research I had done and with all the testing I had physically performed, I considered myself to be quite the expert when in comes to these vibration machines. Shortly after my final purchase my best friend and neighbor Jackie decided to buy one as well and she was like me and had no idea of which machine to buy. I told her about all the research I did and how I tried many different models and she insisted that I recommend a machine for her. Jackie’s sister in Atlanta bought one soon after that and she had called me for my opinion also and she said to me that I should start a website on vibration machines because I know so much about them. She works with computers everyday and offered to help me build this website. It took a few weeks but now I have my own website to help others that are going through the arduous process of selecting the best vibration machine. I figured that if I have to go through this much crap to find the right answer I should at least post it on the internet so others can benefit.